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By the next morning our plan was ready. Logistics for the trip involved the Selva Sur Conservation Association (ACSS), of which Daniel is the Director, to provide transport through the high mountains and cloud forest.

Once at the Alto Madre de Dios River the camping company Peruvian Field Guides would supply boatmen and river boats, and their intimate knowledge of the Manu area on our quest to isolated lakes within the Manu BioStation nature reserve.

Daniel Blanco and family
Daniel, wife Patricia, and daughters Luciana & Daniela

To guide our adventure Daniel brought onboard Carlos Seminario, a Peruvian Quechua Indian, who speaks fluent English and Spanish, with a bit of Italian thrown in just in case we meet the Pope in the woods.
Carlos (left) and river boatmen
Carlos and guides
Two factors of nature would be the control on our trek. This was January, well into the beginning of the rain season for the Peruvian mountains and jungles. In the cloud forest this meant the possibility of landslides on the roads. In the jungle heavy rains could swell the rivers, infusing giant logs and driftwood in a fast moving current, making night travel a dangerous, and therefore avoided practice.

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