Expedition Photography: Pongo de Mainique Peru
journal to the Pongo de Mainique peru

   the 1998 Pongo Adventurers!   

The word Pongo means gorge, or ravine, where the river bursts through the mountains. To the Machiguenga Indians the Pongo de Mainique is known as the Place of the Bears. Their legend envisions a river demon in the form of a bear that lurks in the rapid, swirling waters of the Urubamba River.

In November 1998, a confederacy of intrepid adventures set out from Cusco traveling through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and across the glaciers of the Vilcabamba Mountain Range to meet their Destiny: A Journey down the mighty Urubamba River into one of the most exciting Adventure Regions of Peru. This first Adventure Expedition to the Pongo was organized by The Center for the Development of Indigenous Amazon Peoples (CEDIA), The Selva Sur Conservation Organization, and Expedition Photography in collaboration with the Machiguenga Indians of Timpia.

Peru travel Adventurers to the Pongo de Mainique on Urubamba River, Peru.
The Pongo Adventurers at Journey's end, Pucallpa.

Back Row:  Dara Levine, Jim Glackin.
Front Row: Tad Foringer, Davarian Hall, Wayne Mayer, Ashton Palmer, Kristy Palmer.

Hangin' on the Wall: Ben Morgenthau.
Ben caught a plane before this picture, but he was with us in Spirit!

Map of SouthEast Peru
Map of South East Peru.


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Tonkini Waterfall: Peru travel Adventurers to the Pongo de Mainique on Urubamba River, Peru. peru travel, the Pongo de Mainique on the Urubamba River, Peru