Expedition Photography: Pongo de Mainique Peru
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  Cusco through the Sacred Valley of the Incas  

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Jim, Ben and Wayne
Jim, Ben, and Wayne

6:30 a.m. Now we are going to get 8 people, all their gear, and all the camping equipment and food in this thing and we are heading for one of the highest mountain passes in Peru...

loading the van in Cusco, Peru
Jaime "It's not a 4-wheel drive, but it has 4 wheels."

last minute Cusco snack



But there is always room for more food.

Jim in the van in Cusco, Peru
and Jim knows he brought Power Bars

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Chapter One
Cusco through the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


Quick Facts:
Major earthquakes struck Cusco in 1650 and 1950, destroying many of the colonial and republican buildings. Only the original Inca structures remained intact...a monument to works bordering on eternity.

An hours walk out of Cusco is the ruin of Sacsayhuaman, the Inca fortress that guarded the sacred city of Cusco. Some of the huge stones in this ruin weigh over 300 tons, and are placed with such exacting positions that their construction defies modern building techniques.


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