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  Cusco through the Sacred Valley of the Incas  

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    The Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Sacred Valley of the Incas Peru     Heading northwest from Cusco our overland journey took us through the western side of the Urubamba Valley, popularly called "the Sacred Valley". Our quest was to cross the glacial mountains of the Vilcabamba Range on the far side of the valley before dark so that we can enjoy the spectacular mountain vistas.


Along the way we passed through the towns of Chinchero, Urubamba, and Ollantaytambo.

    restaurant in Sacred Valley of the Incas
Restaurant with greenhouse plants.

Ollantaytambo donkeys
    By mid-morning we reached Ollantaytambo with the town square bustling with street vendors…and donkeys.

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Chapter One
Cusco through the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


Sacred Valley
Quick Facts:
Surrounding Cusco to the east, north, and west, the valley is one of the most important archaeological regions in Peru.

At 1200 feet lower in elevation than Cusco, the markets, ruins and spectacular landscapes are accessible by well maintained, safe roadways.


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