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  Cusco through the Sacred Valley of the Incas  

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What's ahead:

Plaza de Armas, Cusco, Peru.
mountains, Peru.
Andes Mountains
waterfalls, Peru.

indians, Peru.

Machiguenga Indians
primary rainforest, Peru.

Primary rainforest
Sepahua, Peru.
Pucallpa, Peru.

parrot, Peru.

and Adventure!

    Our Jouney begins in "the earth's navel" Qosqo (Cusco), Peru.

Plaza de Armas, Cusco, Peru.
The Plaza de Armas, Cusco.

    Two months before our arrival to Cusco Ben had left a posting on a travel message board that he was planning a trip to the Andes Mountains. I had left a similar message on my plan for a trip down the Urubamba River. With a flury of email, "The Pongo Adventure" was created.
Within a couple weeks Tad found our messages, then Jim.  Dara, a friend of Ben, heard he was heading off to the Amazon and joined in. Wayne became our "Man in the Field" at the last minute to lead our intrepid group across the mountains, down the river. Arrangements were made to meet up with Ashton and Kristy at the Machiguenga Indian village of Timpia, where they were teaching English to the Machiguengas. Nathaniel Gerhert would join us at the Urubamba River staging area to be our naturalist guide.

Los Andes Hotel    

Our meeting place in Cusco became the Los Andes de America Hotel. Ben, Dara, Tad, and Wayne came into Cusco following a trip to Bolivia's Heath River, near Puerto Maldonado. Jim returned by helicopter from his trek to Machu Picchu. And I spent the day on the balcony of the Bagdad Cafe overlooking the Plaza de Armas, enjoying a great view.

Los Andes Hotel Lobby
Los Andes couryard.

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Chapter One
Cusco through the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


Quick Facts:
350 miles SE of Lima in the Andes mountains at 11,024 feet elevation.
The "Archaeological Capital of South America" that was once the capital of a vast Inca empire and was known as "the City of the Sun".


Credits are due here!

Kit Herring in the USA who worked long hours to get our itinerary together.
Rodrigo Custodio in Lima.
Jaime Caballero in Cusco.
The CEDIA and Selva Sur organizations.
and the Machiguenga Indians for their their hospitality, and permission to visit their lands.

And not least Bon Bon: Our Peruvian guide and friend.

...and I deserve a little credit:
I brought the M&M's.


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