Expedition Photography: Pongo de Mainique Peru
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  The mountain pass Abra de Malaga to Quillabamba.   

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Abra de Malaga mountain pass

Pongo Adventurers on the mountains, Peru     Wayne, Jim, and Tad: Always on the lookout!

Our route from Ollantaytambo took us out of the Sacred Valley and along this switch-back of roads, winding back and forth, higher and higher into the mountains. This area, Abra da Malaga, is a popular destination for birders and affords some of the most scenic road journeys of the Andes Mountains.

    Mountain switch-back roads, Peru
Switch-back of roads.

View near the top.     Mountain view, Peru

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Chapter Two
Passage across the Mountains to Quillabamba.


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Top passage Abra de Malaga pass, Peru Church atop Abra de Malaga Pass, Peru Lunch with Mountain view, Peru Lunch with Mountain view, Peru