Expedition Photography: Pongo de Mainique Peru
journal to the Pongo de Mainique peru

  Quillabamba to Kiteni and Tintinienkato.   

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Down Town Tintinienkato, and the end of the road.

DownTown Tintinienkato, Peru     DownTown Tintinienkato, Peru

Nathaniel Gerhart, Peru

    Nathaniel Gerhart joins the group.

Tintinienkato on the Urubamba River.     Tintinienkato, Peru

River to the Pongo, Peru

The Urubamba awaits, Pongo here we come!

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Chapter Four
On the Urubamba River to the Pongo de Mainique and Timpia.


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Table of Contents for the Pongo 1998 Adventure.

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