Expedition Photography: Pongo de Mainique Peru
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   Tonkini Waterfall Pongo de Mainique Canyon, Peru.   

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Pongo de Mainique Canyon.

Tonkini Waterfall: Peru travel Adventurers to the Pongo de Mainique on Urubamba River, Peru.Tonkini Waterfall


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Chapter One
Cusco through the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Chapter Two
Passage across the Mountains to Quillabamba.

Chapter Three
Quillabamba to Kiteni and Tintinienkato.

Chapter Four
On the Urubamba River to the Pongo de Mainique and Timpia.

Chapter Five
Timpia: "Center for Machiguenga Indian Studies". The Sabeti macaw Clay Lick.

Chapter Six
Timpia to Sepahua and Pucallpa.


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