Expedition Photography: Shubet Mountain Chachapoyas Peru
Expedition Adventure Peru travel
Chachapoyas Peru

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Expedition Adventure Peru travel
Rambo lurched forward and reared up, quick and ruthless. I slid off the back of the saddle and somehow managed to land on two feet. He knew a hell of a lot more about climbing mountain trails than I did and if I was smart I would just sit in the saddle, pretend I knew what I was doing, and let this mountain-goat in horse's-clothing do the driving.
Rambo in a mellow mood
Rambo in a mellow mood.
Over the next few days our spirits got a bit closer: I could show off my English riding skills, but only when the other horses couldn't see us.
Mountain horses in Peru have a "butt-habit". Nose to butt in a train along a less than one-way rocky path zigzagging up the side of a mountain, down the side of a mountain. One mountain after another is a normal day's work.
Winding trails through the valley
Winding trails through the valley.
If there is no butt in front, then a full gallop ensues to find one. I came to find this out when I took a dismount with my camera in search of the "straight down into the 2000 foot gorge" shot. With one foot back in a stirrup, a leg hanging in the air, someone let the rabbit loose and we were off like Zorro. Waving my umbrella wildly with my left hand to gain some sort of balance I was never so glad to see a horse's butt come up in front of me as I was then.
Another mountain to cross
Another mountain to cross.

Darrell gets the shot
Darrell gets the shot.

From every vantage within the Vilaya Valleys,
Shubet commands the sky:
Shubet Rock
Shubet Rock.
Each new view morphs to an ominous and mystical presence. Approaching from the south Shubet characterizes an Ancient Warrior in profile looking to the heavens.
Mountain Ridge
Mountain Ridge.

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