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Amazon Heath River Wildlife Center & Chachapoyas

from the Amazon Rainforest to the Andes Mountains
PERU: Plan your trip to the Heath River Wildlife Center, Chachapoyas and the Kuelap Fortress.

    Your itinerary can be customised to your travel dates and special interests and may include:
  • 1-night Melia Hotel Lima.
  • 4-days/3-night Heath River Wildlife Center.
  • 2-nights Gran Hotel Chiclayo.
  • 2-nights Chillo Lodge Chachapoyas.
  • 2-nights Gran Vilaya Hotel Chachapoyas.
  • All meals/snacks at Heath River Wildlife Center.
  • Additional meals as indicated in the itinerary as B,L,D.
  • English-speaking guides.
  • All entrance fees to parks/attractions.
  • All transfers airport/bus/hotel/boat.

DAY01: International arrival in Lima.
Reception and transfer to your hotel.
Overnight Melia Lima.

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Tambopata (Puerto Maldonado) assistance checking in for flight to Puerto Maldonado.
4-days - 3-nights HRWC.
Heath River Wildlife Center. Amazon primary rain forest: miles of well-defined forest trails provide exciting viewing of a variety of animals, birds, and flora. The elusive Jaguar roams the forest while Dusky Titi Monkeys chase through the trees.

The Heath River, running from the Andes surrounding Lake Titikaka northward to the Madre de Dios River, is the natural border between Peru and Bolivia. Here the Esa Eja Sonene Community of indigenous Indians live. Everyone in Sonene speaks their native language, with Spanish reserved for school and for trading handicrafts with outsiders, including you.

Heath River Macaw Clay Lick Tambopata Peru
A short distance from the community is one of the most important Macaw Clay Licks of Peru, a natural attraction visited by thousands of parrots and Macaws.

A strategically placed floating blind allows visitors a safe and comfortable view of the early morning gathering of parrots and macaws in their quest to eat mineral-rich clay from an exposed area of the riverbank.

Pampas del Heath Tambopata Peru
Pampas del Heath: In addition to the clay lick, guests can explore miles of well-marked forest trails and oxbow lakes accompanied by a guide. A highlight of the hikes is a visit to the Pampas del Heath, the largest remaining Amazonian savanna.

This grassland plain is home to such endemic species as the Maned Wolf and Marsh Deer.

Caimans, Horned Screamers, capybara, and anacondas frequent the river shores. Giant Otters hunt for fish in the nearby lakes. For all those who yearn for the very best Amazon adventure, the Heath River Wildlife Center awaits your visit for a lifetime of memories.

    Heath River Wildlife Center:
  • Private screened bungalows with large living area, comfortable beds, and private bath with hot-water shower.
  • Macaw and parrot clay lick.
  • Tapir and mammal clay licks.
  • Expert naturalist guides.
  • Miles of primary rainforest.
Meals are served in a separate thatched-roof dining hall. The lodge chef prepares wholesome dishes using local fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. Vegetarian and other special diets can be provided upon request.

Accommodations with full board (B,L,D and snacks each day).

Transfer to the Puerto Maldonado airport for your flight to Lima and connection to Chiclayo.
Overnight Gran Hotel Chiclayo

Depart from Chiclayo by private bus. You will cross 4 different Peruvian departments: Lambayeque, south Piura, the North of Cajamarca and end in Amazonas, starting in the coast and arriving in the late afternoon in the cloud forest of Chachapoyas.
Overnight Chillo Lodge

In Leymebamba, a remote town in the Utcubamaba valley, We will find an amazing museum, the Museo Leymebamba displays the more than 200 mummies and their burial offerings recovered in 1997 from the Laguna de los Cóndores.
Overnight Chillo Lodge

Kuelap Fortress Ruins
Chachapoyas Peru DAY08: KUELAP FORTRESS
Kuelap, a spectacular pre-Inca walled city hidden atop a precipitous mountain. Although Kuelap was discovered 60 years before Machu Picchu, it is not as well-known to the outside world. Nevertheless recent amazing discoveries in nearby areas that relate to Kuelap and to its history have captured the attention of archaeologists.
The Chachapoyas Culture (known as the Cloud Forest People): Little is currently known of this culture, although it was one of the most advanced civilizations to develop in the tropical jungle region of Peru. One of the most outstanding archaeological remains of this culture, Kuelap, was discovered by a local resident in 1843.

Kuelap Fortress Ruins
Tintero The Tintero, or "InkPot", on the south end of the fortress is a large stone building with an underground chamber. Legends tell of human and animal sacrifices within the deep chamber. Recent investigations lead to the possibility that the tower was used as an astrological observation post with specially placed windows to chart the movements of the Sun and Moon.

Experts agree that the monumental aspects of Kuelap can only compare in size and grandeur to Machu Picchu in Peru, and the greater archaeological sites in the Americas. Kuelap's construction is presumed to have taken at least 200 years to complete and millions of cubic feet of stone. This colossal construction was not known by the spanish conquistadores. Kuelap's strategic location between the Marañon and Utcubamba Rivers, both long tributaries of the Amazon River, protected it from being devastated. The area is surrounded by profuse vegetation with huge trees, covered with bromeliads and orchids that add to its spectacular nature.
Overnight Gran Vilaya Hotel

Gocta waterfall Chachapoyas Peru
On March 22, 2006 German explorer Stefan Ziemendorff reports he has found one of the world's highest waterfalls located in the isolated northern jungle near Chachapoyas.

The waterfall has rarely been seen by anyone, due to its remote location and legends that it is haunted by a mystical siren have kept the native population at bay for hundreds of years.

The waterfall called Gocta is located a short hike from Cocachimba town. The falls measures at: 2,530 feet.
Overnight Gran Vilaya Hotel

Private bus transfer to Chiclayo.
Overnight Gran Hotel Chiclayo.

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Lima and connect for international flight.

Kuelap Tower & Kuelap Guard House
Kuelap Tower Guard Post
Guard Post

Tambopata Rainforest
Heath River Wildlife Center Peru
Heath River Wildlife Center

Heath River Wildlife Center

Heath River Tapir

Saddleback Tamarin
Saddleback Tamarin

Blue Morpho butterfly
Blue Morpho


Ant Eater
Ant Eater

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Chachapoyas map
Map Larger View


Kuelap Passage

Face in rock

Kuelap shunderhuasi stone round house
Kuelap shunderhuasi
(stone round house)

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