In the year 1560 the Spanish embarked upon the largest expedition ever mounted in Peru:
the quest for El Dorado, the Lost City of Gold.

Bring yourfrineds and embark on a quest to retrace the steps of the conquistadors from Cajamarca across the Andes Mountains to Chachapoyas. Our expedition continues up the Amazon River for adventure camping in the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve.
____ You are invited to join us on our adventure: Andean culture, mystical lost ruins, Amazon Indians ____

Davarian: Peru adventure travel and expeditions to the Andes Mountains and Amazon Jungles  El Dorado

Gaily bedight, a gallant knight,
In sunshine and in shadow,
Had journeyed long, singing a song,
In search of El Dorado.

But he grew old - this knight so bold -
And o'er his heart a shadow
Fell as he found no spot of ground
That looked like El Dorado.

And, as his strength
Failed him at length,
He met a pilgrim shadow --
"Shadow," said he, "Where can it be --
This land of El Dorado?"

"Over the Mountains of the Moon,
Down the Valley of the Shadow,
Ride, boldly ride," the shade replied, --
"If you seek for El Dorado!"

Edgar Allen Poe, 1849

Pricing 2780 USD per person
Moderate Challenge. 14-days.
International airfare not included.

Dates based on your travel dates (custom itinerary minimum 2-persons).


Morning flight from Lima to Cajamarca.
Cajamarca is a city of colonial charm, rolling Andean countryside, and home to the important archaeological sites of Ventanillas de Otuzco and Cumbemayo. It is a place of great historical significance - in this city Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro captured, imprisoned, ransomed, and then executed Inca Emperor Atahualpa. Travelers may stroll in the town square - site of the decisive battle between the Spanish and the Inca - and visit the ransom rooms that were filled with gold and silver by legions of loyal Inca subjects in the attempt to buy the freedom of their doomed regent.
Overnight Posada del Puruay.

Charter bus on one of the wildest mountain roads in Peru. A zigzag switchback route down into the Maranon River gorge and back up the other side of the Maranon River.
The Maranon River forms one of the world’s deepest canyons, and you will descend through different ecosystems from over 10,000 feet in altitude to the town of Balsas at 4,000 ft. After crossing the river you then ascend back through the various habitats to nearly 10,000 ft above sea level.
Overnight hostal Laguna de los Condores.

Morning visit to the Laguna de los Condores museum.
Visit an amazing collection of well preserved pre-Inca mummies discovered in the Laguna de los Condores.
Afternoon excursion to visit the colorful funeral buildings of Revash perched on a ledge up high on a cliff. They overlook a valley and tributary of the Utcubamba, near the town of Santo Tomas. The Cliff walls at Revash are decorated with geometric designs and figures of camelids. Some of the tombs are decorated with T and cross-shaped niches. Overnight Chillo Lodge.

Kuelap Fortress Chachapoyas DAY04: CHACHAPOYAS
Morning visit to the fortress ruins of Kuelap.
After breakfast you will visit Kuelap, a spectacular pre-Inca walled city hidden atop a precipitous mountain. Although Kuelap was discovered 60 years before Machu Picchu, it is not as well-known to the outside world. Nevertheless recent amazing discoveries in nearby areas that relate to Kuelap and to its history have captured the attention of archaeologists, international magazines and film companies.
Overnight Chillo Lodge.

Gocta Waterfall Chachapoyas DAY05: CHACHAPOYAS – GOCTA
Morning trip to Cocachimba town. 5-hour hike to Gocta Waterfall.
This waterfall has been known by locals for decades, but only recently has its existence emerged as common knowledge. Local people feared the curse of a beautiful blond mermaid who lived in its waters if they revealed its whereabouts. An ancient myth says that the mermaid keeps a golden bowl which in turn is guarded by a giant serpent.
Overnight Camping.

Full day exploring the waterfall area.
Overnight Gran Hotel Vilaya.

Transport from Chachapoyas through the Cloud Forest to the lowland Amazon city of Tarapoto.
Overnight Puerto Palmeras.

Day for white-water river rafting on the Mayo River and visits to the local Andean Indian community of Lamas.
Overnight Puerto Palmeras.

Amazon CanoePacaya Samiria Lodge Amazon TurtleAmazon Jaguar

The Pacaya - Samiria National Reserve has a great and unique variety of flora and fauna, and is also known as the "Jungle of the Mirrors" due to the fact that the jungle and the sky are reflected so clearly in the dark waters of the rivers and lakes, that the visitors have the sensation of navigating throughout endless mirrors of water. With 2,800,000 hectares of land protected by the Peruvian state this reserve is one of the most important ecological reserve areas of Peru.

Following a quick flight to Iquitos we head off by jungle road 90km to the jungle town of Nauta. From Nauta our speedboat takes us on a 20-minute ride to the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge (PSAL), our staging lodge for camping in the reserve. In the afternoon, walk along primary rainforest trails that surrounds the lodge to appreciate flora and fauna of the region. Dinner and a briefing about the activities of the next days. Overnight at the lodge.

Departure to the Pacaya - Samiria National Reserve. Boat trip down the Yanayacu River.

Over the next 3-days we explore the reserve, visit local Indian villages. Chance to observe gray and pink dolphins, acquatic birds, river turttles, sloths, monkeys, parrots and macaws. Box lunch.

Afternoon and night excursions. Caiman sightseing. Sound of the jungle. Nights at camping sites in tents.

At the end of Day 12 we return to the Pacaya-Samiria Lodge (hot showers!).

Rlaxing morning to enjoy the Amazon rain forest from the comforts of the lodge. Late afternoon we head off for the return trip to Iquitos.
Overnight hotel in Iquitos.

morning flight to Lima for international flight or continue your trip for a visit to Cusco and Machu Picchu.

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