Pongo de Mainique
Home of the Machiguenga Indian

Peru's newest adventure destination.
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Pongo de Mainique waterfall
Tonkini Waterfall
Pongo de Mainique

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Pongo de Mainique

The word Pongo means gorge, or ravine, where the river bursts through the mountains. To the Machiguenga Indians the Pongo de Mainique is known as the Place of the Bears. Their legend envisions a river demon in the form of a bear that lurks in the rapid, swirling waters of the Urubamba River.

A Journey down the mighty Urubamba River into one of the most exciting Adventure Regions of Peru.

The Pongo de Mainique is a 50-yard-wide, two-mile-long canyon through which flows the mighty Urubamba River on its 451-mile path north from Cusco and the Sacred Valley to a convergence with the Apurimac River.

This canyon is the only break in the Vilcabamba Mountain Range. The Vilcabamba Range arises from the southwestern edge of the Manu National Park, swinging west to the cut formed at the Pongo, then continues west and finally north flattening out into lowland Amazon forest.

The Pongo, a natural splendor unrivaled in scenic beauty, boasts a unique biodiversity, immensely photogenic tropical forests, and a fair share of mystic history.

Heavy mists sweep into the Pongo canyon from the Amazonian lowlands supporting a cloud-forest flora and fauna at a lower than normal elevation. Herein awaits a variety of wildlife species for the infrequent visitor: Spectacled Bears, Military Macaws, Woolly Monkeys, Black Spider Monkeys, Brown Capuchin Monkeys, and Golden-headed Quetzals...and Peru's national bird--the blazing scarlet Andean Cock-of-the-Rock.

In spectacles unique to all the world, rare Military Macaws nest within holes of the rock walls near the main waterfall, "Tonkini". Black Spider Monkeys take a precarious climb down the sheer canyon walls to reach a salt-clay lick along the river's high water mark.

At the base of the Tonkini Waterfall lies a raging rapid held sacred by the Machiguenga Indians.

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