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Guinness World Record for The Longest Continuous Concert By A Single Group: Music/culture/adventure expedition following the exploits and camaraderie of a motley band of eXtreme musicians on an odyssey into local culture and music of Peru's Amazon jungle heralding those who work to save the rainforest. Impromptu gigs with jungle musicians ending with a concert of 66-hours non-stop music.

• Our Mission: The trees, the wildlife, and importantly those who call the rainforest "Home". To document the music, song and traditions of indigenous natives of the Peruvian jungle. To share our music and to learn from theirs. Allowing music, song and dance to give a voice to the children of the forest directly to the world.

Part 1 Pre-Rumble Expedition

Our trip is lead by anthropologist Peter Lerche

8-people on international flights to Lima, Peru, with a domestic flight to the jungle city of Tarapoto.

May 30, 2024 morning arrival Tarapoto.

Afternoon charter flight from Tarapoto to a jungle landing area outside the town of Nieva.

Santa Maria de Nieva, the capital of the province of Condorcanqui in the department of Amazonas Region. Here, at the confluence of the Marañón and Nieva rivers, the city of ~3,000 is home to Awajún, Huambisa and mestizo residents.

And the beginning of our river exploration to the Awajún communities on the Nieva River.

Santa Maria de Nieva → Puente Nieva

Santa Maria de Nieva; a 21km road trip brings us to Puente Nieva, And the beginning of our river exploration to the Awajún communities on the Nieva River.(Map02).

Puente Nieva → Ipakuma

River passage from Puente Nieva to Ipakuma aboard long narrow canoes powered by “peke-peke” motors (Map05).


Nieva River flows north-to-south 150km parallel to and west of the Kampankis Mountains. Our route up the Nieva is 63km to Ipakuma.


Ipakuma → Kayamas

Continuing up the Nieva River 24km brings us to Kayamas (Map5A).


The next leg of our trip up the Nieva River is 14km to the Sawientsa Community (Map06). Here, the lower slope of the Kampankis ridge is but 4km from the river rising to elevations of 1600m 8km from the Nieva River.

June 6: From Sawientsa back down river to Santa Maria de Nieva.

Part 2 Rumble Music Expedition

Additional musicians and those joing our Rumble (Up to 22 more people): on international flights to Lima, Peru, with a domestic flight to the jungle city of Tarapoto.

June 06, 2024 their morning arrival Tarapoto and charter flight to Nieva to join the original 8.

June 07: Nieva through the Pongo to Sarameriza: By river canoes we head down the Maranon River through the canyon, Pongo de Manseriche. The Pongo de Manseriche, about 5.8-miles (9.4km) long, cuts through the Kampankis Mountains.
During June the canyon has mild rapids; during the heavier rain season, January through March, rapids may reach Class IV.

It is a one-day trip to the town of Sarameriza. Here we board our passenger ship – sleeping arrangements are mostly in hammocks in covered second deck.


June 08 An additional day’s trip follows to the port town of San Lorenzo, about 85 miles.

June 9 & 10 Over the next two days we build our river raft while participants fly in from Tarapoto (regular domestic flight – maximum of 30-people).

Building of our raft: example raft but ours will be larger and decorated appropriately for Music!


June 11 to 15 San Lorenzo to Iquitos. The following 5-days, about 350 river miles; we continue down the Maranon River stopping at riverside towns during which time musicians pay their 66-hours of music.

Shortly after the Maranon River becomes the Amazon River we reach the port city of Iquitos (500k population) for a music festival with local musicians.

June 15 Arrival to the town of Iquitos and a celebration of the Rumble Music.

June 16 & 17 in Iquitos (extra days in case of any delay on our river trip).

June 18 domestic flight to Cusco and the Inti Rami Festival.

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Kampankis Project Awajún Communities

Puente Nieva → Ipakuma

Ipakuma → Kayamas

Kayamas → Sawientsa

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley.

Part 2 Rumble Music Expedition

Map of the Marañón River from Santa Maria de Nieva to Sarameriza.

Marañón river

Our route takes us through the river canyon "Pongo de Monseriche".

pongo de manseriche

The Pongo de Manseriche

pongo de manseriche
pongo de manseriche

San Lorenzo to Iquitos ~ 350 miles


Inti Raymi Festival & Machu Picchu

June 18, 2024 to June 26: Inti Raymi Festival.

Festival information and activities are at: Inti Raymi Festival

Inti Raymi
Machu Picchu
inti raymi machu picchu

Awajún Musical Instuments

Awajún music
  • katig

  • Peem

  • pinkui

  • tampug

  • tuntui


Our Project is a collaboration between Oz Bayldon, anthropologist Peter Lerche
and Davarian Hall, founder of the Amazonas Conservation Initiative.

For information on how you can contribute to the success of the Rumble Inca Jungle
and enrich the lives of the Awajún, contact


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