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~ Jungle Survival ~

Amazon Rain Forest Peru

Construction of lean-to
How to select site, soil and drainage aspects. What woods to use to set up framework; how to use irapay palm Lepidocaryum tenue fronds to rainproof.

Construction of fire
Recognition of wood that will have hard, dry interior even when the exterior is waterlogged by rainforest humidity; use of copal resin as fire starter.

Sources of pure water
Immature yarina Phytelephas macrocarpa fruits; puca huasca vine Doliocarpus dentatus and cano huasca vine Uncaria spp..

Sources of food
Palm fruits; palm hearts from Euterpe and Iriartea genera; edible beetle grubs; legumes, especially from Inga genus; using barbasco Lonchocarpus sap to stun fish; canabrava Gynerium sagittatum to build fish trap; tamshi vine Carludovica devergens to make animal snare.

Raft construction
Recognition of balsa wood, tied together with tamshi vine, oar from remo caspii Styrax acuminatum.

Mosquito repellent
Made from Nasutitermes termites.

Fishing spear from cumaceba Cesalpina echinata; bow from cashapona Iriartea exorrhiza, string from chambira Astrocaryum chambira, arrowshafts from bamboo and arrowheads from cumaceba.

Survival Medicines
Venomous snakebite–piripiri leaves Cyperus articulatus
Venomous insect–curarina bark Potalia amara
Fever–sanango root Sanango durum
Disinfectant–pichirina sap Vismia angusta
Field dressing–fiber inside bark of machimango Ceiba species
Antiparasitical–oje sap Ficus antihelmintica
Dysentery or gastrointestinal distress–hierba luisa leaves Cymbopogon citratus


Mammal species found in the reserve include the Graay & Pink Dolphin, Amazonian Manatee, puma, jaguar and a myriad of birds and reptiles.

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About Us

Juan Carlos Palomino Berndt

Juan Carlos Palomino

Recognized by the South American Explorer's Club as "One of the best naturalist guides for the Amazon".
Jungle Guide, Naturalist Expedition Leader, Research Assistant 18+ years of experience in the Amazon Rainforest.

“I was born along the Nanay River in one of the last “Iquito Indian” communities: “Lupuna”. Growing up in the jungle I learned at the hand of my uncle a “local healer” and Shaman. Now, I share the plant secrets of the rainforest with international biologists, travel veterans, and University Alumni Organizations.

At the age of 15, I joined the Peruvian National Army (PNA) where my jungle survival skills were refined and put into practical use. After my vigorous two year army stint the PNA, I went on to study at the English Institute in Iquitos: language, theology and public relations and then on to the University of Iquitos to study biology. I have been frequently sought out as an Expedition Leader by universities, adventure travel companies and private enterprises working in the area of bio diversity and environmental issues.”

• Certified Paramedic.
• Cornell University scientific research through the Yarapa River Lodge for 8 years.
• Director of Emerald Forest Expeditions (South American Explores Guide).
• Voyages to Remember, survival expeditions company.
• Jungle Expeditions with NHKWorld Japan; a 40 day trek to film a documentary on the rare Red Uakari Monkey in the Tiptoe River area.
• Joker avonture, (Belgium company); 17 years of repeated Camping and Survival Expeditions.
• Expedition Leader/Coordinating Naturalist and researcher assistant for the Amazon Refuge Wildlife Research Center.
• National Geographic Photography for the 2010 expeditions.
• Lecturer at Dartmouth University (New Hampshire, USA) 2012 about complementary medicine and gender in nature.
• Location manager and naturalist survivalist during the filming of Naked & Afraid.

Davarian Hall


Following davarian’s first visit to Peru in 1982 davarian provided stock photography of the Peruvian Andes and rain forest to international publications.

With the advent of the WWW his computer and photography skills lead to website architecture for an international conservation organization. This included working with the Machiguenga Communities of South Eastern Peru to establish five research/tourist lodges.

In 2008, in collaboration with a Kukama Community and with partners, davarian built the Amazon Refuge Wildlife Conservation Center on the Yanayacu tributary of the Amazon River near Iquitos.

During this time davarian took on roles as Location Manager of Discovery Channel’s Naked & Afraid series – several survival episodes then taking place in the Amazon Refuge area.

In 2018 davarian's conservation work continued in the far remote area of the Amazonas Department of Peru working with the Awajún people and the founding of the Amazonas Conservation Initiative.

“Peruvian legends and myths are my life’s blood of adventure – my favorite trips being ‘In Search of the Black Lagoon’, ‘Pongo de Mainique’, and Expedition to Shubet Mountain.

With our current work with the Awajún people our documentary ‘Where the Devil Sings’ opens a door to a mystical Lost World of the Amazonas jungle:"

Through the Lens, with the Pen, within the Spirit;
the chance, fortune, danger, luck, and power of Adventure beckons.
The passage is Vision, Imagination, and Perseverance.
The map is drawn within the sunset,
etched amongst the stars.
Your guides are those like yourself...on a Journey
extreme adventure

Our Privately guided Ultimate Survival programs are provided by Emerald Forest Expeditions
with Juan Carlos Palomino, renowned naturalist guide,
and Davarian Hall, founder of the Amazonas Conservation Initiative.

To plan your visit contact Davarian